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I'm an Australian photographer based in Brooklyn. I'm addicted to travel and misadventure. Welcome to the journey... Enjoy!

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein

"A thought is an idea in transit." -Pythagoras (at Auckland International Airport Gate 10)

My favourite thing about photography is that it constantly puts me out of my comfort zone, and that just happens to be when all of my favourite moments arrive…

I randomly asked these colourful characters if I could grab their picture as they walked by yesterday… what resulted was a 45min street party with total strangers which included improv dance, human pyramids, a serious skip-off, and some roll-around, side-splitting laughter.

And to think I was almost too shy to ask for the photo in the first place! #livebold #lifeisshort (at Venice Beach, California)

"A light heart lives long." -William Shakespeare #artofseeing I live like a gypsy, yet for the past six weeks I’ve sat still in the comforts of my childhood home… it is amazing how far I have travelled in this time. And while I may gypsy with few belongings, I have only just started to understand how much baggage I have been taking with me. Here’s cheers to a light heart, to the things I am finally letting go of, and the people who have helped me do so. (at Somewhere Still)

Pete = 0, Dentist = 1 (at Narrabri Dental Care)

Pete = 0
Dentist = 1 (at Narrabri Dental Care)

Untitled #68 • A tribute to the Australian Open (at Somewhere Cheeky)

Two up, two out…happy straya day, maaaate. #aussiegold (at Happy Straya Day)

The BBQ is blazing, the drinks are bloody delicious, and the sun is kissing my sweet, smiling cheeks. Lovin’ Australia Day! If you’re near Manly beach… swing by for a snag! (at North Steyne Beach)

Had a little accident last night before heading to watch Spirit of Akasha at the Opera House. This may not have been entirely appropriate, but it did get me back in the game ASAP! (at Opera Bar)

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